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As part of our ongoing effort to bring you information you can use right now, Environments for Humans is proud to present the UX Web Summit.

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About the UX Web Summit

A great user experience (UX) can mean the difference between merely having a web presence and truly engaging your visitors so they’ll gladly come back over and over again. Practical techniques to create the best UX are hard to come by, though.

Join some of the Web’s most experienced UX professionals as they share experiences culled from working on sites big and small. Learn from the pros how to tackle user experience difficulties head-on with proven methods in use by some of the most popular sites on the Web.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

  1. Designing the First 15 Minutes by Daniel Burka & Rob Goodlatte Online

    That user who just signed up is about to bail. And a thousand other people just stopped in but didn't even bother to register. Your product is great, but your users don't stay long enough to find that out. The first fifteen minutes of your product are the most important. Learn from the successes, mistakes, and insights of designing new user experiences.

  2. Product Strategy for UX Designers by Jackson Wilkinson Online

    How to think holistically about the product before and during the design process, considering business goals in concert with user goals, and shaping product requirements into an offering that has a great chance of success.

  3. Real World Remote Research by Juliette Melton Online

    Remote research can raise the quality and lower the costs of your user research efforts; using a combination of surveys, video, screensharing, and phone, you can connect with a much broader range of users than you could using traditional lab-based usability tests, while using resources more efficiently than you would doing contextual research. In this workshop-style talk, Juliette Melton will cover recruiting sources, technology tools, and caveats you might not have thought of, including managing time zones and participant distraction. We will also address pros and cons of increasingly popular non-scripted research services.

  4. Sustainable UX by Nick Finck Online

    Principal and Director of User Experience of Blue Flavor, Nick Finck presents a session on what makes a good user experience, what is the process for creating a good user experience, and where user experience as a discipline is headed.

  5. Analyzing Card Sorting by Donna Spencer Online

    As a technique, card sorting is pretty easy to run - set up cards and get people to group them. The real difficulty is figuring out what you learned and what to do about it. In this presentation, Donna will outline methods to analyse your card sort outcomes - looking at exploratory and statistical methods that will help you dive into your data and find patterns and insights.

  6. Mobile UX by Jenifer Hanen & Cindy Li Online

    Mobile platform has become more and more important part of the web experience, but how do you design for it? Presented by Jennifer Hanen and Cindy Li, this session will cover resources for mobile design, what you need to get started, principles for mobile design, and prototyping your next mobile application.

    Topics covered:

    • Resources for templates in Fireworks and Photoshop
    • Principles to consider when you are designing for mobile
    • Keeping the essence of your traditional desktop web site
    • Is it a mobile app or website?
    • Designing for a mobile location-based mobile app
    • Creating a test without coding
    • What to send off to Apple to get your iPhone/iPad app approved

  7. Practical Prototyping by Dan Rubin Online

    Presented as a case study review, Dan explores examples from a real life project, explaining the method of testing and prototyping used, and showing the value of making adjustments to a design during testing, exposing changes in behavior that could not have been otherwise observed.

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Testimonials from Previous Summits

“The Summit Series has allowed us to provide advanced, practical training by top-flight presenters in a cost-effective manner to the UF Web Community. The content is relevant, up-to-date and, most importantly, actionable. I've not found another web conference that even comes close.”

Bruce Floyd,
Web Manager, University of Florida Web Administration

“The Summit showed us how to make code execute faster, how to more efficiently write code, and what UI elements and effects can be created in jQuery to open up our graphic designers to create more complicated UIs. It was well worth sending my team to the summit for the day.”

Christopher Jones,
Web Development Manager at Dominion Enterprises

“I loved that I didn't have to travel for it, and the cost of a ticket made this a really good value.”

Mike Butler,

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