about Matt Harris

As a web developer, Matt spends his time linking up parts of the Internet to make tools and utilities, or wrangling PHP, Python, CSS and HTML to make websites for people and schools. He also consults for Educational establishments helping them develop their school IT infrastructure and web systems. An adopter of web standards, Matt promotes new technologies and standards based design for the learning and teaching of the schools he works with.

Outside of work he shares his time between England and the USA and can be found at Barcamps,Geek Nights and at professional web conferences like Web Directions North and dConstruct . A self confessed gadget guy he can often be found teaching his Aibo how to talk and dance, or be seen cooking a great Beef Wellington.

Online: themattharris.com | twitter | facebook | flickr

9:00 a.m. — Using WordPress for Content Management
Wordpress is among the most popular blogging platforms available today, but it is more than just a blogging tool. If used as a Content Management System (CMS) it can support a large range of websites such as a portfolio, small business intranet and educational websites.

Matt Harris will share techniques he has used when managing content using Wordpress and the plugins that can help you. Together you’ll explore the admin interface and the structure of themes, and even pick up a few bits of helpful code along the way.

Schedule subject to change.