about Mark & Juliette

Mark Trammell is User Experience Architect at Digg in San Francisco. His work on the Web spans more than a decade including coauthoring two books on Web standards and tenures with the United States Navy, the University of Florida, the Web Standards Project Educational Task Force, and PayPal. While leading a standards-based rebuilding of the University of Florida Web presence, he started an extensive user research program including tests throughout Florida and taught user-centered design. Mark now leads user research at Digg.

Online: marktrammell.com | twitter | facebook | flickr

Juliette Melton is a user experience researcher from San Francisco, CA, where she spends her days at a brain-training game startup called Lumos Labs. She studies and advocates balanced approaches to building products based on understanding user preferences and organizational realities.

Julie has been building sites since 1997 and has been a web professional since 2000. She has worked on web projects in higher education, public health, and publishing, but is now really enjoying playing games every day.

Online: juliemelton.com | twitter | facebook | flickr

12:00 p.m. — Conducting Effective User Research
You can dramatically improve your Web sites when you pay attention to how they are being used. Just as important is understanding why people are using it the way they are. Understanding user behavior can be challenging, but there lots of ways to get started.

In the User Research Workshop, Juliette Melton of Lumos Labs and Mark Trammell of Digg will discuss:

Schedule subject to change.