about Lea Alcantara

Lea Alcantara is lover, fighter, and designer. As the Creative Principal / Chief Hired Gun for Lealea Design, a design and branding consultancy based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, she's often dispatched to kill bad design with her weapon of choice, ExpressionEngine. Also an enthusiastic speaker, she’s been on stage at conferences like Future of Web Design and SXSW to discuss self-branding. When offline, she can be found in the kitchen or randomly bursting into song, sometimes at the same time.

Online: lealea.net | twitter | facebook | flickr

4:00 p.m. — The Art of Self-Branding
Who are you? Who cares? With proper self-branding, not only will you find out who you are, you will make the right people care, opening up a slew of the right opportunities specifically tailored for you. We define what brand is, and go through the top 5 most important aspects of a brand and see how that can apply to you. Maximize your potential and get the type of work and respect you deserve.

Schedule subject to change.