about Kevin Lawver

Kevin Lawver is a man among people of every gender. Kevin used to work for a larger internet company, but now works for a small music technology company telling people what to do and building killer web sites for independent artists.

He loves working on the web, taking pictures, writing code that works, and making a fool of himself. He's very very good at the last one.

He invented a holiday to celebrate "awesomeness", helped write a book about standards based development, won awards for building cool web stuff, and looks forward to having his face put on a commemorative plate. Kevin blogs with his wife over at http://lawver.net and launches web stuff over at http://uplaya.com.

Online: lawver.net | twitter | facebook | flickr

10:00 a.m. — Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Are you afraid of the "backend"? Are you intimidated by if statements, while loops and the mysterious MVC? You don't need to be! Ruby on Rails takes the WTF out of MVC and replaces it with enthusiastic shouts of "OMFG!" By the time this presentation is over, you'll learn what Ruby on Rails is, how to start a new project, create models, controllers and views and get from idea (we might build a blog, for example) to something that works faster than you've ever done it before. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just a little code, some magic and the option of least surprise.

Schedule subject to change.