about Kelly Goto

As an evangelist for “design ethnography,” Kelly Goto is dedicated to understanding how real people integrate products and services into their daily lives. Goto is principal of gotomedia, LLC, a global leader in research-driven, people-friendly interface design for web, mobile and product solutions for clients including Seiko Epson Japan, Adobe, NetIQ, WebEx and CNET. Her book, Web Redesign: Workflow that Works , is a standard for user-centered design principles. Goto is also the editor of gotomobile.com, a leading online publication on mobile user experience and was the former President of the AIGA Center for Brand Experience.

Online: gotomedia.com

11:00 a.m. — Getting UnStuck: Finding the FLOW in workFLOW
Update your web design toolkit—and your mindset—as web expert Kelly Goto helps you and your team embrace an agile and user-centered approach to the web. You'll gain a better understanding of the appropriate platforms and processes needed to take your (and your clients') outdated web presence to the next level and truly incorporate a new attitude and workflow into your daily routine.

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