about Brian Fling

Brian is a recognized leader in both the web and mobile communities. Over the past ten years he has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies to build cool websites, web applications and mobile sites. In 1999 Brian got his first job working for a mobile company and has been active in the community ever since. He is a frequent author and speaker on the issues on strategy, mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience.

In 2005 Brian co-founded the Seattle-based interactive agency Blue Flavor, where he worked for three years helping companies of all types and sizes. While at Blue Flavor he co-created a series of iPhone web applications called Leaflets to showcase the concepts of Mobile 2.0 just two weeks after the iPhone launched. Brian's new book, Mobile Design and Development, will be published by O'Reilly this fall, and he also co-authored the dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide, the first free publication to cover mobile web design and development from start to finish. He runs one of the largest online communities focused on mobile design.

Online: flingmedia.com | twitter | facebook | flickr

5:00 p.m. — Design and Development for the iPhone
In the last year we've learned something that we suspected, but never really knew about mobile, great mobile design sells. But great mobile design doesn't start in Photoshop, it starts by understanding the users, the business goals, the intended devices and a million other tiny variables. Who better to solve these problems than the designer?

Right now, there is no better platform to create compelling mobile experiences than the iPhone, so that is where we will start this discussion. Led by Brian Fling, author of O'Reilly's Mobile Design and Development, we will define first what goes into designing an excellent mobile experience quickly followed by how to build it for the iPhone (and maybe a few other mobile devices while we are at it).

Schedule subject to change.