DIY Summit

September 16, 2009 96pm Online

  • The Summit Series:
  • One Subject at a Time, In Depth, From Multiple Angles
  • Focused, Relevant & Practical Takeaways
  • Convenient, Economical, Potentially Habit-Forming

DIY Summit Speakers

WorkFLOW:A better, more effective way to work (& live)

with Kelly Goto

Kelly Goto photo

Design & Development
for the iPhone

with Brian Fling

Brian Fling photo

Mastering the Details
in Interface Design

with Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin photo

Using WordPress for
Content Management

with Matt Harris

Matt Harris photo

The Art of

with Lea Alcantara

Lea Alcantara

Introduction to
Ruby on Rails

with Kevin Lawver

Kevin Lawver photo

Incorporating Subversion
into Your Workflow

with Ryan Irelan

Ryan Irelan

Effective User Research

with Mark Trammell & Juliette Melton

Mark Trammell & Juliette Melton photo

Read All About It

There's more behind-the-scenes info and discussion at our blog. Or you can download our Executive Summary (PDF) to convince your colleagues or boss (or yourself) that The DIY Summit is a great value!

A Virtual Conference

The Summit Series lets you build your skill set without having to leave your computer. All you need is a browser and a broadband connection! Use this link to check and see if the conference software will run on your machine.

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds from the DIY Summit go to the Loans that Change Lives.